Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's About Nancy Pelosi. You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Another day, another gaffe for 77-year-old, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi gave a press conference on Thursday and nearly said she was heartbroken after ‘the death’ of Rep Steve Scalise. She caught herself and looked down, searching for the right words to say.

Pelosi: “Our hearts are broken over the assault that was made, really on all of us, but personally heartbroken over the de–uh (awkward silence) of what happened to Steve Scalise, our colleague.”

Gateway Pundit

But wait. There's more diarrhea of the brain.

A day after calling for political unity in the wake of Wednesday’s shooting, top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi returned to the partisan scuffle Thursday by suggesting Fox News is responsible for inflaming tensions – and ripping Republicans for “outrageous” comments blaming rhetoric on the left.
Fox News

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