Monday, June 26, 2017

California Legislature Is Giving Me A Laughing Attack

California’s Democratic-controlled government fought tooth-and-nail with the Trump administration about a travel ban, but has no problem imposing one of its own to forbid its employees from traveling to other states that don’t share its progressive agenda.

On Thursday, California expanded its ban list to include four more states, adding Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, and South Dakota to go with Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. These states apparently have laws that were deemed by California’s leaders as hostile and discriminatory against gay and transgender people.
But the travel ban may prove highly problematic for the state’s public universities competing in NCAA championships that are held all over the country and frequently hosted in the eight states that are now on the ban list–particularly Texas. The next Final Four for men’s basketball championship will be held in San Antonio in April 2018. Four of the eight sites for next year’s NCAA tournament first-round games are in the “banned” states–in Dallas, Nashville, Charlotte, and Wichita, Kansas.

So does that mean if, say, UCLA makes it to the Final Four, the team will have to forfeit because the Bruins are not allowed to travel to San Antonio?


Hinz said...

Due to California's anti- free speech position that we now see frequently I am doing my best to boycott California , including my travel dollars, movies, colleges and more! It may not create much of a dent in California revenues, but it feels great to me!

mjloehrer said...

It's my wish that every division 1 school, men's and women's, in California have to break their contracts. The lawsuits will be falling out of the sky.