Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why Are Democrats Fighting For ObamaCare

Folks, ObamaCare is a failure. Obama promised the following:
"Keep our Healthcare".
 "Reduce our spending by $2,500 per annum".
 "Keep our Doctor."
We were lied to by ObamaCare architects, Jonathan Holmes Gruber, and Ezekiel Emmanuel - among other vipers. 

Even at the end of Obama's tenure he admitted it wasn't going to work. In actuality, what he and all democrats desire is universal health care; government run health care. Does this sound good to you. 

Tell me the last time a government run program came in under budget. Easy answer-NEVER.

For many years the congressional restaurant and cafeteria were government run. It was a massive boondoggle. When it was privatized it became profitable. It' too bad AMTRAK doesn't do the same.

So, why are democrats fighting for ObamaCare? It's an easy answer. Every one of his programs have gone down the poop chute and this is what's left of his pathetic legacy.

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