Monday, June 19, 2017

And To Think It All Started In My Hometown Of Boone Iowa


In 1959, Donald Lamberti leased a service station in Des Moines, Iowa, from his father. After successfully remodeling the station into a convenience store and operating it for nine years, his gasoline supplier and friend, Kurvin C. (K.C.) Fish, suggested that he purchase the Square Deal Oil Company, a service station available for sale in Boone, Iowa. Lamberti followed Fish's advice and purchased the station, which he renamed "Casey's" after Fish and as with his leased store converted the station into a convenience store. The logo on the Boone store is the same logo used today by the Casey's chain.

Apparently, oak trees grown from the little acorn.

As of March 2017, Casey's has over 1,963 stores in 15 states. Casey's currently operates in the following states, most of which are in the Midwestern United States and the Plains States:

Note* If you happen to drive by a Casey's and have the hungries stop in and order a pizza. They're the best.


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