Tuesday, June 6, 2017

George Soros & Friends: All In A Days Work

Liberal billionaire George Soros gave an additional $250,000 to Virginia Democrat Tom Perriello in May, bringing his total contributions to the former one-term congressman's primary to $500,000, according to a campaign finance report filed on Monday.
Together with $50,000 that was given to Perriello from Soros's son Gregory, money from the Soros family accounted for 16 percent of the money the campaign brought in between April 1 and June 1 of this year.
The new contributions come after Soros gave $250,000 to Perriello in January and two of his other sons—Alexander and Jonathan—gave $135,470 to Perriello in March, bringing the total amount the Soros family has given to Perriello to $685,470.
Soros was not the only Democratic mega-donor to chip in during the final two months of Perriello's push to defeat Virginia lieutenant governor Ralph Northam in the June 13 Democratic gubernatorial primary.
Joining Soros with $300,000 worth of contributions is Donald Sussman, a hedge fund manager who sits on the board of directors at the Center for American Progress. Perriello was president and chief executive officer for the Center for American Progress Action Fund from 2011 to 2014.
Sussman says he spent $40 million supporting groups backing Democrat Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 presidential bid. He said his goal was to "get money out of politics."
Washington Free Beacon
Sussman purchased a $27.5 million mansion in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., this January

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