Thursday, June 8, 2017

Understanding Why Ricky Is #1

Ricky Maddow is now number 1 in all of cable news shows. She has the bulk of the viewers in that most important demographic, 29-54.

But most of us are smarter than we're given credit. Maddow's numbers are based on a percentage. Let's face it. The American people are sick of hearing about fake Russian stories, anticipated Comey revelations that won't happen, collusion between Trump and Putin, etc. These folks have things to do on a daily basis like mow the yard and tend to their plants.

It's those who when hearing the name 'Trump' wet their panties. They are the ones who lie in their beds barely escaping the fetal position while tears of pain and anguish run down their pitiful cheeks.

Those in the actual demographics of TV viewers who doing what they should have been doing all along; going to their jobs and watching their favorite baseball teams.

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