Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gearing Up For The 'Day Without Women' Protest

Six former Hillary Clinton campaign operatives are playing key roles for one the nation’s most prominent anti-Trump organizations.
The Women’s March on Washington originated as an inauguration weekend protest against the Trump administration. Since then, however, Women’s March has continued organizing against President Trump, mobilizing opposition against his cabinet nominees and executive orders on immigration. (RELATED: Women’s March Featured Speaker Who Kidnapped And Tortured A Man)
Personally, I'm looking forward to the next Women's March especially since one of the organizers kidnapped and tortured a man doing jail time(see above).
The LGBT'ers think they're going to get hard working mom's out of the house in which to take part. Fat chance!
So, I was thinking, what would I do if the Queen left me at home while she did the Women's thing.
Here goes nothing. I'd leave the toilet seat up then dribble on the floor. I'd make a Dagwood sandwhich and leave the fixin's out on the counter. I'd drink a twelve pack then crush the empties leaving the house strewed with aluminum cans. I'd leave my dirty underwear on the floor, on the stairs, in the kitchen and dining room. I'd make scrambled eggs and bacon then leave the pan on the stove top after it's been thoroughly scoured. I hope it doesn't take place on a Wednesday. That's our garbage day. I know I'd forget to put it on the curb. If I had a toddler I'd snag cloth diapers like we had before Pampers. The kid would do it's thing and I'd leave them in the toilet---just like the old days.
Then, when the bride came home I'd ask, "How was your day? Mine was great".

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