Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sacred Indian Land

Federal officials hauled away more than 800 dumpsters full of garbage at the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest campsites situated on federally-owned land in North Dakota.

The Army Corps of Engineers completed its $1.1 million cleanup of the now vacant Sacred Stone campsite Thursday after sanitation crews hauled away 835 large dumpsters full of trash left behind by people protesting the environmental impact that might be caused by the pipeline, the Washington Times reported.
Army Corps Capt. Ryan Hignight said a total of 8,170 cubic yards was removed from the Sacred Stone, Oceti Sakowin, and Rosebud campsites.
“In total, there were 835 roll-off dumpsters of trash and debris removed from the three camps together,” Hignight said in an email to reporters Monday.

A local animal shelter rescued six dogs, bringing the total number of dogs abandoned at the sites to 12.

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