Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm Going Back To College

For straight guys this story from the Daily Caller could be a Godsend. When I was at Coe College in the late 1960's we had an Alpha Chi Omega chapter. As a matter of fact one of my heartthrobs, Diana Bowers was in it.
Did you know there are Alpha Chi's all over the country? A guy could visit any university and bunk in with some of the hottest babes in the country.

Check out this story: Alpha Chi Omega, the 193-chapter national sorority, will now allow dudes who dress up as and pretend to be women to become pledges and, ultimately, full-fledged members.
The sorority currently fails to mention the word “transgender” on its website, notes The College Fix. Nevertheless, a video released last month by Alpha Chi Omega national president Angela Costly Harris clearly sets forth the new policy.

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