Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Illinois Catholic High School Solves Prom Promblem

FREEPORT, Ill. – A small Illinois Catholic school is continuing a nearly century long tradition of picking prom dates by random draw.
Each year, juniors and seniors at Aquin Catholic High School hold a vote to determine whether or not to keep the school’s annual prom tradition alive, and every year students have agreed to be paired with their classmates for the big dance through a random lottery, the Freeport Journal Standard reports.
“It’s a cool thing that we do by choosing to keep with tradition each year,” junior Sedona Smith told the news site. “I’m excited to have something to tell my own kids someday, and for those of us as junior and seniors, we are already like family and something like this just brings us closer.”

As a former teacher and parent(I'm still one of those) I detect another positive to this scenario. It cuts down the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. Touche!
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