Thursday, March 23, 2017

Some Of The Unluckiest People On Earth

How often have you heard about unlucky people? Everyday, right? It even happens to each and every one of us and many times on a daily basis. I remember the time I drove our car through our newly built garage door. That was not only foolish but unlucky on my part. A few months ago I dropped a large jar belonging to the Queen. No big deal, I thought. But it was. It had been in Her Majesty's family from the late 1800's

 Today I began thinking about really, really unlucky people and guess who came on the TV screen? It was Kim Jong un, the nutjob leader of North Korea. This guy has people bumped off quicker than I can swallow a handful of cashews. Jong un has had familys relative shot for not saluting him quickly enough. The guy comes by it naturally, though. His dad, I forget his name but it might have ended in 'un' was also a tyrannical dufus. According to his own bio he once shot an 18 on a par 72 golf course.

Kim has been blowing smoke recently about North Korea's nuclear program and how they're going to annihilate the United States. I was so worried about his proclamation that immediately after hearing about it I had another bowl of Wheaties.

Two days ago, with great fanfare, Jong un announced there were would be the launch of a nuclear missile. Surprisingly, the thing exploded shortly after takeoff--give or take a few feet.

What does unlucky have to do with this post. My suspicion is the scientists who were in charge have been incinerated. Therefore, a new crop of guys who've previously worked with rubber bands and balsa wood airplanes are now in charge of destroying the US. Good luck with that.

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