Saturday, March 18, 2017

Johnny B Good Croaked Today

Chuck Berry, a music icon from the 1950's took his last breath today. I grew up on his songs and my classmates at Sacred Heart were enthralled with his gyrations while strumming out some of the greatest songs in the Rock n' Roll era.

I sometimes wonder why our parents didn't slap us silly when we sang his tunes. I suspect they were more concerned with Elvis. After all, how could a black man make us goofy?

My question is how did this guy survive to the age of 90? In his early years he robbed banks. Then there was the problem of transporting young girls across state lines but why? If you wanted to make money on teenagers for sex leave them in your own state or better yet your town.

Berry always said he didn't do drugs. Fat chance of that considering he was arrested for hoarding massive amounts of marijuana, hashish and amphetamines.

Chuck Berry lived a life beyond belief. Other than the title of this blog for the life of me I can't come up with another song title he did. Life is fleeting.

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