Saturday, March 18, 2017

This n' That From Dublin Ohio

Here's a scary subject. In Hamilton County Ohio(Cincinnati) there were 36 drug overdoses in a 24 hour period yesterday and the day before. Scary, huh? It gets worse. Sixty miles north in Centerville, Ohio a pilot for Spirit Airlines, age 36, and his wife, age 34 were found dead by their children ages 13, 11, 10 and 9.  The culprit was fentenyl, 50 to 500 more times powerful than morphine.

As I see it the problem with drug overdosing is we have too much money in this country. I wonder how many citizens die from over dosing in Nigeria.

Chelsea Clinton was in the news yesterday. You remember her. She's either the daughter of Webster Hubbell or Bill Clinton. The jury's still out until we can get a DNA test. Anyway, the girl who graduated from Stanford, the one who received a $600,000 contract from NBC for being the future of the network who was subsequently fired for being horrible---the one whose last gig before she cut loose after she interview the Geico Gekko has found new wealth.

That operation we know, Expedia, the one who provides cut rate motels, air tics, etc. has placed her on their Board of Directors. She will receive $45K per year with an extra $250K in stock options. Who says it doesn't pay to have a philandering, slut hungry dad and lesbian whore for a mom? Chelsea, you learned from the worst.

When was the last time you heard of a conservative, college, worker, professional attack an individual of the opposition? Folks, it doesn't happen.

And finally I end on a good note. My nine year old granddaughter earned second in the State of Arizona Knights of Columbus basketball free throw contest. I like it when good things happen to those I love.

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