Thursday, March 9, 2017

Great News! Cate Blanchett Found Her Vagina

Cate Blanchett is generally willing to indulge in chit-chat. If she’s a guest on your show, she will school you about your American ignorance on the worth of Vegemite, she’ll share her vigorous youthful hatred of plastic bags, and she’ll tell you how she’s thinking about gardening. But, while patience is a virtue, it is not a bottomless one. So despite host Stephen Colbert’s attempts to play philosopher on The Late Show on Friday night, Blanchett got right to the point.

This explains why we did not get a lengthy and nuanced conversation about morality and what goodness or kindness means in a world that trends toward the awful from the host and his guest.

Instead, we got the following exchange:
“Cate Blanchett, what is your moral compass? Where does kindness and humanity sit in a brutal world? Because those are important questions right now,” Colbert inquired.
“In my vagina,” Blanchett responded.

Vanity Fair

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