Friday, March 3, 2017

Democrats Are Swirling In The Toilet Bowl

I've been avoiding political commentary for quite awhile. When reading, especially, and as I scroll down each article my head explodes. Seriously, the Dems are desparate. Did you know our politicians, Trump appointees, have talked to Russians in recent times? Evidently, according to Pelosi, Franken and the Muslin congressman, Ellison, this is grounds for impeachment. This morning Ellison suggested Jeff Sessions should be in jail. I'm presuming he'll have a cell next to Hillary.

So, let me get this right. If Sessions had a meeting with a Russian ambassador and spoke about chess it would disqualify him for the office of Attorney General. And I ask, wasn't that the purpose of the 'reset button' given to us by Hillary?

it could be that Sessions was giving away secrets or making a quid pro quo. I mean it's not like he was on the tarmac in Phoenix with someone under investigation.

So, it's all a joke perpetrated by Obama, the Democrats who are in the latrine of politics and headed for the local sewerage facility. Believe me when I write these folks got nuthin'. Plus, it's another way to keep those dollars rolling in from their loser constituents.

If you want to know what's actually going on recall the name of Soros. As an example,

Right on cue, the George Soros-financed progressive activist group on Thursday organized a protest outside the U.S. Department of Justice building calling for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The protest was organized fairly quickly. It was held mere hours after reports surfaced that Sessions held two conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. while he was Alabama’s senator and served on the Armed Services Committee. 

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