Friday, March 3, 2017

Just Your Average Anti-Semite Hating, Anti-Trump Pro-Muslim Terrorist

The Federal authorities have charged a St. Louis man( an avowed communist) with making more than half a dozen bomb threats against Jewish community centers, schools and a Jewish history museum, an unsealed court document shows.
Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri. He is accused of making at least eight of the threats against JCCs.
Juan Thompson, made some of the threats in his own name and others in the name of a former girlfriend, apparently in an attempt to intimidate her, according to a federal complaint filed by the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan and unsealed on Friday.
Thompson has a twitter account @JuanMThompson full of anti-semitic and racist tweets.

Wasn't it only two weeks ago when the Lefties were blaming Trump for the anti-Semitic damage done to a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis? Hmmm! St. Louis--Juan Thompson--a Black man in sympathy with ISIS who hates President. Could there be a connection? Naw, it has to be the evil white man.

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