Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kudos To This Hollywood Celebrity

Breaking with her anti-Donald Trump celebrity contemporaries, actress Jennifer Garner says she’s willing to help the president keep some of the campaign promises he made to working class Americans.

“I’m looking forward to helping him make good on what they saw as promises, a mandate from him, that he was going to make their lives better,” Garner told the Washington Post.
After seeing how her native West Virginia overwhelmingly voted for Trump, Garner said she felt inspired to lobby for policies that would bring jobs back to those economically devastated communities.

“People felt like Trump really understood them, that he was going to come in and create jobs for them,” she said. “They felt like they needed something to just turn everything upside down.”
Let it be noted Ms. Garner dumped the scummy Ben Affleck after he cheated on her with their housemaid. It sometimes takes a tragedy to bring folks to think right minded.

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